Boot Camp Fitness

What is boot camp fitness

Our Boot-Camp fitness classes are primarily circuit based cardio exercises. A circuit is a chain of exercise’s set up one after another to keep your workout at higher level of intensity. This is a better approach than simply lifting weights because, it burns up to 30 percent more calories in much less time. Circuit training does more than just burn calories it helps tone your muscles too. Aerobic workouts also known as cardio workouts help build endurance and natural movement speed. Over time you will also build better eye hand co-ordination.

The Benefits of exercise

Aerobic exercise shreds fat and tones muscles. Anaerobic exercise is a more intense workout and makes the body produce rapid muscle gains. Additionally, both aerobic and anaerobic exercise has been proven to reduce levels of stress. This helps increase the quality of sleep that many receive after a workout at the gym. As you can see our program is more than just a good physical workout it is also good for your mental health as well.

A typical boot camp class

A typical workout at our Ninja Boot Camp will never be the same every day. We always change the exercises to keep them exciting and new. One day you might be flipping some oversized tires and doing some lunges. Other days you may be doing some bio-metrics with light weights. However, you will always come fresh and leave tired with a feeling of accomplishment. The intensity of the workout will depend on you. No one starts at the same levels of fitness as such we will do our best to make sure you get the best levels of exercise possible without over doing it.

A man lifting weights

Why you should Try a Class

Come try a free class! After all we want you to try it before you buy it.We offer more than just an exercise program. We will record your weight loss and help provide you with a meal plan. After all staying healthy is also about how you spend your time outside of the gym. We go the extra mile to help you build a healthier lifestyle. Here at Body Ninja Fitness our personal trainers have been in your position, and know exactly how you feel. This is why our personal trainers are also more qualified to help you.