About BodyNinja Fitness and Personal Training

Welcome to the body Ninja Family. We are a fitness business that is dedicated to providing the very best care to anyone who would like to lose weight, get in shape, tone their body, or build muscle. We believe that every individual should be able to live a happy life without having to suffer due to their health. We are here to help you improve your health by providing excellent classes that help you reach your limits, and get your body into the best shape of your life. We also understand that everyone learns differently, and that everyone is at a different level of physical fitness. Currently we offer three options to help find the motivation to get into shape.

A little about the founder

The founder of Body Ninja is also an excellent personal trainer who also knows how it feels to be obese. Chloe has naturally lost over 110 pounds of weight with no surgeries or medication. She is proof that hard work, exercise, and changing your eating habits can create whatever goal you want to accomplish. For more information on Chloe please check the trainers page or follow her on Facebook. Classes are currently taught out of the Mori Training Center gym in Ogden Utah see contact page or schedule for details.

(coming soon) Our Video Program

Soon we will offer fitness videos to help you on your journey to fitness. We will offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts with step by step instruction. These will also come with a diet plan that helps you plan a list of foods that will help you maintain a healthy weight, while gaining muscle. The list will also help you avoid foods that will conflict with your goals. We also have a list of supplements that we recommend that have been proven to work. We have so much confidence in these supplements that we actually use them ourselves.

The Classes we offer

We currently offer two different kinds of classes. Our Boot Camp Fitness is typically a series of aerobic and anaerobic workouts in a circuit to help maximize weight loss and muscle gains. There will be an instructor there to help you push yourself to achieve the most out of your workout. We also offer a Kick Boxing fitness class. We will teach you how to box and kick-box with using martial arts movements to get a full body workout. During class an instructor will teach you a series of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. You will hit punching bags and use other various agility drills to rapidly burn calories. No matter which class you choose we will help you measure your weight loss progress, and help you plan healthier meals. After all being healthy is about more than just the work you do in the gym. Please check out our class schedule page for our current class times and locations.

A girl doing push-ups

Body Ninja Challenge

Once a month the founder of Body Ninja creates a fitness challenge. It is not a requirement and the only reward is the accomplishment itself. The challenge is for anyone willing to push themselves above and beyond the normal challenges of the gym. One month we did a 5-mile-long jump rope. Another we did a 40-pound tire flip for one mile. The challenge is completely optional and is not part of any of the above listed programs.